frustrated and sad

I’m frustrated and sad because how much it took to catch my attention and when finally did (which is hard WASNT it? Then LET MY GUARD DOWN. and you fold?

Okay let’s keep it G. YOU SMARTER THAN THAT to believe anything along the lines of me being fake. Playing you and ect. YOUR A FUCKIN MORON to fall for the shit I warned you bout. AND IF IN fact a side was chosen. I HOPE YOU LOVE THE KARMA THAT COMES WITH IT.

Coulda caught me a bird for a war I started
But I found myself involved (Turn, turn)
Is there such a feelin' as bein' way too loyal?
Touch road and I grew some roses
Got straight out the mud of the soil (Turn, turn)
Is there such a feelin' as bein' way too loyal?
Always еight racks to show
How's [?] whipped up for bro
Is there such a feelin' as bеin' way too loyal?
Steady and slow always wins the race
I turned down million pounds and more money
Is there such a feelin' as bein' way too loyal?

“Your can’t stunt all you want talk all the shit you want but you will see like you said “time will tell”

HOPE TIME AND PRIDE DOESNT stop you from seeing reality before I give up 🆙

Hope you as G as you act cause them feelings going to make you sick when you realize you played ya self out A solid downass bitch.

I hope it makes you sick 😷 when you realized I was always real and even when I wasn’t fully aware:


This post will come with a lot of screen shots

The joker”

Narcissist. Psychopath. Stalker. Hacker.

January 9 I cut off my “friend” in the middle of a gaslight after him already showing my he was a narcissist AT THE TIME MY ENTIRE narcissistic family was in the mist of bombing me with taking my kids custody and taking my ex’s side and turning on me. Once I did that he lost his top. Death threats. Intimidation. ALL cyber crimes. And stalking on a scary extreme. So much I felt physically violated by the hacking and called the cops TWICE. Nothing done. Sitting duck.

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Dear Best Friend, You’re A Mommy Now.

The Memoirs of Tiffani

Today, I’d like to share with you a poem I have written for one of my best friends. She is a first time mother, of the most beautiful five month old baby boy, that I have ever seen. He is the light of my life and I love him with my whole heart. And, his mother and my best friend, Summer, is one of the strongest woman that I know. She’s more than a best friend; she’s my sister.

Anywho- I wrote this poem for her to receive on her first Mother’s Day. And, now I would like to share it with you all(: I’m no poet but, I think it served it’s purpose! I believe that it is touching with a funny little twist at the end(: I hope you enjoy.

Now You’re A Mother

When I found you,
A best friend was gained.
You were there to be…

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Derick’s story time prep

So I’ve decided to start writing a story I’ll eventually put to blog post. It may be one post or several. Spent today doing a little studying character and story development. I have a good idea what I’d like the story to be, it’s just to figure out how to properly put it together.

I like the ideas I have for the story. It’ll be a sci-fi type of story. Not sure the time period or anything just yet. I do have an idea for a couple of the main characters. It’ll be interesting to see how everything turns out.

I plan on blogging my progress. I figure that’ll be the best way to hold myself accountable and to make sure I’m having some sort of progress. I know I have a couple of people that’ll keep on me as well.

I’ve always wanted to write, but never had the encouragement. I figure nows the time to do something. it’s just to get myself to stick to it, which is my biggest crutch. But I’m sure I’ll have help doing that, too.

Blame you not me.


You saw how I not only supported you but even expressed my love for your music over and over on a real level. Yes I wasn’t aware of it all a the time.

All you had to do was come correct.
I’m mad. Hurt. And a whole lot of fucked up. 



You waited all this time. And AT MY WORST. And i dont degress my faults. BUT.. YOU FOLDED. 😡😭

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