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This post will come with a lot of screen shots

“The joker” January 9, 2021 Narcissist. Psychopath. Stalker. Hacker. January 9 I cut off my “friend” in the middle of a gaslight after him already showing my he was a narcissist AT THE TIME MY ENTIRE narcissistic family was in the mist of bombing me with taking my kids custody and taking my ex’s side... Continue Reading →

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Dear Best Friend, You’re A Mommy Now.

The Memoirs of Tiffani

Today, I’d like to share with you a poem I have written for one of my best friends. She is a first time mother, of the most beautiful five month old baby boy, that I have ever seen. He is the light of my life and I love him with my whole heart. And, his mother and my best friend, Summer, is one of the strongest woman that I know. She’s more than a best friend; she’s my sister.

Anywho- I wrote this poem for her to receive on her first Mother’s Day. And, now I would like to share it with you all(: I’m no poet but, I think it served it’s purpose! I believe that it is touching with a funny little twist at the end(: I hope you enjoy.

Now You’re A Mother

When I found you,
A best friend was gained.
You were there to be…

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Messages that work

Show that you value your freedom to think and act independently. You don't do something because "everyone is doing it." This helps your children see that unwanted peer pressure can be rejected.Be consistent in your words and actions. For example, a phone call interrupts your dinner and you say, "Tell them I'm not home yet."... Continue Reading →


Just a little reminder that there is nothing wrong with you, you have been thevictim of a prolonged insidious wave of psychological and emotional terrorism.You accepted some things that were never meant to be. But there is nothingwrong with you, you are a normal caring person that just wants to makepeople happy. And someone took... Continue Reading →

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