Derick’s random thoughts

To whom it may concern:

Today is a sensitive day. Don’t know why I’m all in my feelings, but I am. I’m thankful, I regret, I’m lost. I just know I don’t like this feeling. Used of just being in an anxiety fueled state of well being.

I’m thankful for my bff being there, also thankful she keeps it real with me. She’s about the only one that’s there for me.

As I sit here and think, there’s a lot I fear, being in my feelings. What if I’m overly attached to people? What if they don’t feel the same for me? What do I do if I say how I feel and scare them off? I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to end up alone. I know my best friend is alone. Wish I could move her in with me so she’s not alone and I could keep her company. But even though I live with my aunt and grandmother, I do feel alone. At least not living with people who get me. Makes me feel even more alone.

Ou I fall apart

You a real one


You know me better than anyone

BUT YOUR A FUCKING MORON. Whatever assumption, lie ect YOU BELIEVE so coward. NO BITCHMADE for folding.


Was this you intentions?

And if not you a LAME ass mf not to communicate
2. THE AUDACITY to even switch up and consider me toxic to this point.
Them feelings still there that’s your karma and you doing it to yourself. Watch you keep hurting yourself and blame me .